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Exploring gyroids as a sculptor

I have been looking at gyroids for the past few months, The pieces on the right are 3D printed and cast in aluminum using traditional investment. The larger of the two is a sphere removed from 8 unit cells stacked into a cube (I think it was a Fisher-Koch something or other but I didn't write anything down). They were thickened on Blender and then rotated and elongated along the z axis in Cura and printed on an Anycubic Chiron printer.

The castings are somewhat crude, but I've been trying to cast pieces with a minimal of clean up, which means I've been only putting the minimal venting and sprueing for each piece, trying to avoid placing anything where it could be seen. I've found that if you can create a piece on the printer without support, that generally it will pour with one main sprue into the the piece and one vent...placed on the area where the piece sits allows you to essentially just rinse the piece off if you wish when it cools grinding and finishing necessary. The smaller piece on the left was cast in aluminum and then just rinsed off. The piece on the right had a little bit of polishing on the surface just because...

I'm tired of painters getting lauded for being total slobs while sculptors are chastised if their pieces look "unfinished" ...fuck em'... :)


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